Under the Skin


I just saw this last weekend! I have to say, I was beyond mesmerized. Aside from a few scenes and shots that were held too long, I had the weirdest tingles in my body most of the time. Like when the men were under the black water and disintegrating...chills. Even though I struggled to interpret the meaning, my guts were in knots and I understood in a way that I could not translate. That fact alone makes me want to read the book, as I had absolutely no idea how to describe or even summarize the film. Looking into it, I learned that the story depicts rape culture and how shady encounters are not limited to women being picked up off the street; men are not safe from predators either.

The protagonist's turning point is still a matter I am trying to understand; I understand which encounter (the deformed man) set her off, but still don't completely understand why. I can go from my own perspective as to why, but I know it is different as she is alien (literally) to human psychology. Still, what led from this turning point re-captivated any boredom I was feeling in between.

I like not fully understanding though. And I like researching. I love how curious this film left me. I haven't seen the director Jonathan Glazer's other recent [ish] big film "Sexy Beast," but my boyfriend (a filmmaker genius) said it is entirely different in that it is, "Set in reality." I've had no other way to describe Under the Skin to friends other than, "Um...it is definitely not set in reality...that's all I can say." So, I greatly anticipate a time where I can sit down to read the novel, and, can understand further without ScarJo's XXL thighs! :lol: