Twilight Zone

Golden ice

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Jul 28, 2012
Basically, this is a show that came out in the 50s I think - episodes are usually only about half an hour, and even though they were made a while ago, and the effects can be pretty bad compared to what we have today, I love the psychological aspect.:)

Anyways, I came across this episode, and it made me think about society now, and how close we are to something like what the episode portrays. Here's a link:

Now, the premise of the episode is that when people turn 18, they undergo surgery to become one of several "perfect" looks - so all adults are identical to one of these looks. They are very barbie-esque. There is a girl that doesn't want to do it, but she ends up having to in the end. Anyways, the way that she is treated by the doctors, her mom, and the psychiatrist made me think. I have had some pretty awful experiences with all three of these people regarding my weight, and I feel that soon enough, this could be us, being forced to gain weight, and not allowed to be skinny.

Haha, I know that this kind of sounds like a conspiracy theory, but look closely at what has happened so far. The new DSM V gives doctors a huge amount of leeway in diagnosing anorexia. You have a BMI below 19 even, and doctors will be all over you, whereas if you are 30, they tell you to lose, but aren't nearly as concerned. Watch the news clips from the Kate Upton scandal where doctors/psychiatrists are coming on shows and telling people that our forum is dangerous and promotes anorexia, and that we are all "sick."

Any thoughts?