Tumblr hate

Well, I woke up this morning to find this in my tumblr inbox:

"You sick pile of shit. I really hope you lose enough weight so I could flush you down the toilet. What's wrong with you, seriously? I pretty much don't care if you like skinny girls better than normal weight or even chubby girls. That's your business. But how dare you to call everything and everyone who don't fit in your opinion slut or vulgar (you're favourite word, eh?)?! You're gross. Immature. Last but not least stupid. I seriously pity everyone who actually knows you for real. I pity you."

Anon, of course.
And of course I didn´t really bother to come up with a real answer because it´s not worth it, just told them to have a cupcake.
But actually, this is not the first time I get hate messages from people because I like skinny and I say so. I try not to be too harsh to people who are not skinny, but I also like to make clear that I think skinny or slim is better. Plus - if you bitch at me, prepare for the answer.

I was wondering - did something like this happen to you, too? And if so - what are people telling you? How do you react?
Isn´t it sort of funny how she gives you bullshit for calling people "vulgar", yet her answer is like an accuulation of vulgarity? Hmm. Myth cofirmed.
Too bad she submitted anonymously, I would have loved to see what a classy lady we have here.
Just looking at your tumblr, I'm guessing this is her reply.
How about I push you in front of a train, you don´t deserve to life, bitch!

She sounds so nice. :lol:
Yes, this is her reply.
Actually I have a guess who it was... good thing that I know a real nerd (think Sheldon xD), maybe he can help me track him or her down (although I think it´s a woman).

I just don´t get it - don´t they realize how bad it makes them look to write stuff like this? I mean, how frustrated and unhappy with your life do you have to be to send hate-messages like this? Whenever I see something like this, I immediatley picture someone, who´s alone, stuffing their face with crap, no friends, no partner, no social life whatsoever.
Plus - I don´t think my tumblr is full with "fatty-hate", or am I mistaken? I make clear that I like skinny and don´t like fatties who whine about it instead of doing something. Seriously, there are far worse "anti-fat"-blogs ^^

It´s just another great example for people being unhappy with themselves, but instead of trying to improve their situation, they hate on others. Wow. So impressed. :nopity:
Not on tumblr, but I used to have a formspring and once I got hate on it for being s "snobby stuck-up cunt who won't talk to people if they aren't fashionable enough" and I just told them I'm actually just shy and have an anxiety disorder so I tend to avoid talking to new people. Good job assessing my life though anon :nopity: