Too Much or Totally Worth it?



Gucci handbag: $21000
My thumb rule : If it costs enough that you won't have money to put in the bag, after - then it's too much.
But I won't say that should stop you from buying a bag you like ;)

But 21,000 for wearing a baby crocodile by your shoulder - :hmm:
I don't think so.
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Anything that is overly expensive carries a bad taste with it. :(

There is real quality worth paying, but sometimes it's just very oligarch to satisfy the itch of spending as much as you can on a ridiculous thing.
The bag doesn't do it for me, but the shoes........god i love the shoes, i can't afford them on my budget but i would have to say if you can afford it and it makes you feel ggod soooo worth it! :)
The shoes r hot, but the bag looks like some thing you got from the dollar store...