Three words to describe your style


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Feb 6, 2012
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This method was popularized by Allison Bornstein on Tiktok and I've found it super useful and interesting. Example videos below.

It's very satisfying to break down the common threads (ha) of someone's style and also helps to make decisions about my own styling with greater confidence and clarity.

Basically she recommends pulling out all the items/outfits you wear the most and figuring out what they all have in common. What I did instead was list out ten or so outfits that I felt were most representative of my style (a mix of formal and casual, most frequently worn, most beloved, etc), come up with three words for each outfit, and then tally all the words that came up. I tried to combine words that only came up once or twice in with other words until I'd condensed them down to three that felt right. What I ended up with actually did fit all of my outfits when I then went back over them all after, which surprised me.

My words are simple, sexy, and cool. And I've realized it's true that if an outfit is missing any one of those three, it doesn't feel good or comfortable for me to wear (even if I can appreciate it on someone else). Simple but effective method!

Anyway, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts about your own words or other people's.

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