'thinspo' tag ban on tumblr


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Jan 16, 2012
Have you girls noticed that the 'thinspo' tag on tumblr no longer works?

A few months ago Tumblr changed their policies to say they can not support blogs that support self harm and can will delete blogs that post pictures/promote eating disorders, self harm and other behaviors. Now the thinspo tag no longer works.

Thoughts? What tag do you girls use instead? The 'thinspiration' tag is filled with way too many fitspo/chubby/weightloss type posts.

(see for yourself)
I noticed that too. It's kind of annoying, but whatever.
If I'm looking for thinspo, I just type in model's names. It's failproof.

Edit: What I don't understand is why the pro ana tag (http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pro-ana) is still active. Surely inactivating that would be more effective if they want to prevent blogs that glamourise mental disorders..
I'm curious about this as well. I've been posting a lot of 'thinspo' pictures on my Tumblr that in reality are nothing close to what I strive for (seriously I've tagged pictures of Barbara Palvin as thinspiration :nervous:), but I'm hesitant to post anything different because I don't want my Tumblr to start getting attacked or shut down.

I really like Tumblr though, especially for food/exercise/life inspiration. And that's what I use it for mainly. And if I want good quality thinspiration I always have Skinny Gossip to come to. :shy:
I can see thinspo as a tag, on my blog and others.
Also today I learned that bonespo is a thing.

Really? When you click on the tag pictures show up?

People can still tag it, but when you look on the tag there is nothing there.

But if you can see the pictures and it works properly that is very odd :hmm:
The simple "fat" tag is full of self loathing, cutting, suicidal thoughts. :rolleyes:
For thinspo, try "skinny", "thigh gap", "model", "thynspo".
I just noticed this, I'm pissed bc all my posts from my tumblr have the tag. SO DUMB. TUMBLR YOU"RE NOT GOING TO STOP ANYTHING, PPL WILL JUST USE NEW TAGS.

Hey, that gives me an idea - should we make up our own secret SG thinspo tag?

Like umm #sgspo ? OK that one sucks but let's do ideas?