Thinspiration Book



I have recently bought a journal and start putting a collection of inspiring quotes, pictures, celebrities i admire and notes about what im eating. Has anyone done this and more to the point does it work? Its like hidden away when its in my bag I dont know when is appropriate time to bring it out and look through it
Here is a previous thread on the topic:

I think real, physical journals are great, (you know besides online 'journals' like tumblr, pinterest, SG and all of that). I have an eating journal, and a regular journal on top of my online stuff. For me, most of my real thinspo though is online, just because I think its easier to find thinspo I like on tumblr/SG than in magazines. Plus all that cutting out/pasting...I feel like I'm too old for it haha. But really, you just have to find what works for you, you know. If you don't want to be looking at your thinspo at work there are always trains and cafes for that right ;)
Really love the idea of keeping a journal. I got a really nice one the other day for christmas, to write down the stuff I don't want to talk about (personal problems), but I'm just so bad at keeping it up.