Theodora Richards



I don't pay much attention to models so she could be anyone for all I know but I saw her in a magazine today.
Anyone else seen recent pics of her?
Omg she's tiny and her arms!

I'm on my phone and I don't know how to copy and paste so sorry for no actual piccie.
Can someone put one up please?

Thanks x


Most pics are from an article in Daily Mail where they rant about how shockingly thin she is and so on...its June 7th, so I guess thats what she looks like at the moment :)
From the Fail article:

"Richards' face was a lot more fuller and her overall semblance looked to be healthy".

Now that is a badly written sentence.
She has a weird body shape in that black little drew... I think it's because her shoulders look quite broad.
She looks very ill. I like how skinny she is, but look at her face :nervous: She is very, very, very pale