The Uninvited


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Jan 16, 2012
Have you guys seen this movie? It is probably my favorite movie ever. I like horror movies, but I don't find this scary. I know it sounds strange if you have seen it, but I feel like I have a lot of similarities to Anna. I love how the ending is shocking and the relationship between the sisters. I have probably seen it a billion times.

Emily Browning, who plays Anna, is 5'1'' so as a shirt girl, she is thinspo to me. I would love to have a body like hers. She is petite and delicate. Girl crush alert :luv:



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I can't believe you posted this thread! I was just thinking the other day about the girls in this movie, the first time I saw it I couldn't stop obsessing over how perfect the two sisters' bodies are. Anna's sister in the bathing suit near the beginning :luv:
Yep Alex (the sister) looks great too..she has the more athletic look.


the stepmom is pretty smokin' herself.



I'm glad someone else loves it too :luv:
It's been a while that I saw this movie, but yeah their bodies were quite good looking. I like that Emily's body always looks so tiny.
I saw that movie just some days ago, and I really liked the sisters (Alex) body. She´s not model skinny, but healthy and toned.

Right, the movie wasn´t scary, it was actually more of a psycho thriller than a horror movie. I liked it though and really felt some sort of connection to the main character
Emily Browning was really poised to be a star after this movie...I wonder what happened?
What is that movie about?

I don´t want to do a spoiler here, I´ll just explain the way it starts:

After a horrible accident that killed her mother, the main character, Anna, became mentally instable, even tried to commit suicide, and was sent for treatment in a mental hospital.
After she´s considered recovered, she returns home to her family (dad, sister Alex and her dad´s new girlfriend Rachel) in an isolated house near the coast.
The two sisters have a really strong connection and immediately unite against their new stepmom. They don´t want her to replace their mother, and they accuse her of having started her affair with their dad when their mom was still alive, even for being responsible for her death.
Their father doesn´t pay attention to them.
The two sisters become more and more suspicious against Rachel, who also seems to act strange. They try to find out more about Rachel´s background and history and discover something disturbing.

I will not tell you any more, just watch the movie and enjoy! :)
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@leigh thanks for the movie tip ;)...i watched it with a friend. I think i wouldn't have had the nerves to watch it alone - i really liked the ending!
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@leigh thanks for the movie tip ;)...i watched it with a friend. I think i wouldn't have had the nerves to watch it alone - i really liked the ending!

I liked the ending too! It's interesting to watch once you know what happens. Supposedly it was based on the Japanese "A Tale of Two Sisters" which wasn't bad either...even scarier, imo.
Yep, I am too scared to watch a Tale of Two Sisters and I hate subtitles (i can not focus!) but I will watch it eventually.

I wish I could live in the house, so pretty! :luv:
omg I was looking at the stills you posted (2 sisters + creepy dock scene) and wondering why it reminded me of the movie A Tale of Two Sisters (before I flipped to Page 2 and read the above posts)

Silly me, it's the American remake of that S.Korean Film. Now I definitely want to see it. Although American remakes can really mangle films, but the Uninvited could be an exception.

On a related subject, the movie My Sassy Girl is awesome (but totally ruined in the American version film, don't waste your time, watch the Original full length version if you can!!) Also, in the Original version Jun Ji-hyun looks great.

Ok, hopefully this didn't trail off topic too much, but I will now look for this remade version and find The Uninvited!! I'm excited!!

(And Korean Cinema is great...that's why there are so many remakes!:cool:)
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I remember watching this film it had a weird twist to it! And now that I look she is quite delicate