The Skinny on Obesity



Hey skinnies :)

I was searching YouTube health, food videos as i like to do sometimes to educate myself more about nutrients, and to get put off food :sneaky:
...i also like how it always brings me to seeing things from another point of view ...
And i want to share this Episode series called The Skinny on Obesity with all of you:

here is the link to the playlist

My faves:

ep. 2 sickeningly sweet-about sugar and its fructose was really interesting
ep. 3 about Leptin the hormone which is suppose to make us feel full and why it doesn't properly
ep. 4 sugar=drug --dopamine effects in our brain
ep. 5 generation XL -how women influence the future of all human kind I WANT EVERY PROUD FATTY TO WATCH THIS AND THEN FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF!!!:mad: so please post this to every bitch harassing you
and see if she has the heart to give birth to a obese child. :smash:
Those are really informative and do a great job of explaining the dangers of obesity and over eating.
I don't see a fatty having the attention span of sitting through that though... Would probably hit pause to go get ice cream.
They're great! They explain how leptin, insulin, fructose &c. work really well.

I still don't really agree with that "obesity choses you", there are definitely lifestyle choices you can make to prevent it but otherwise - great programs!
glad you enjoyed :)

@Wayfare hahah that's what crossed my mind too's hard to get their attention for something as important as that

@tinywasted exactly i too think they are not harsh enough ...but maybe in order to convince the fat, selfpity comunity somehow, they have to say something like that first to get their attention :rolleyes:
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