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May 20, 2013
She also very clearly shopped her legs in the pic she posted wearing the ISIS shirt. Sad shit.

Maybe I'm naive -- how can you tell this is photoshopped? Just wondering because I thought she looked great when the pic went out.

Anna seems to be properly skinny, but Dasha is such a sad hanger-on obsessed with courting the pro-ana crowd despite being like 30.

Since the image link I used earlier in the thread died, here's Anna in 2020 ☹

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Aug 3, 2016
Sorry to bump a thread about irrelevant heifers but I found this hilarious.. Dasha has a borderline pro ana Twitter account where she brags about being 115 lbs at 5'7, but someone posted a pic of her driver's license and it says she's 5'4. To make matters more embarrassing, she calls herself a "waif" and has an army of 16 year olds pretending to be anorexic because of her. Meanwhile she's a grown woman in her 30's with a BMI of 19.76 who still thinks being an edgelord and romanticizing eating disorders is cool.. I truly cannot get over how pathetic and sad this woman is.


It's equally pitiful when she tries to imitate the ballerina aesthetic, when it's clear she's in some kind of adult beginner class.. There's nothing wrong with trying out new things, but the fact that I've seen girls post her "ballet" pics on their Pinterest aesthetic boards gives me secondhand embarrassment. Zoom in on the background for a laugh


The fact that so many girls find her cool makes me feel like I'm going insane.. She is one of the most pathetic people I've ever come across. The only reason I know this much about her is because she makes me feel better about my life.
BTW: A lot of her stans browse SG, so beware of any little gremlins trying to join who say Dasha is their skinny waif kween.


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