The Mullet Dress/Skirt



So...... What do you guys think? I like it, but my main problem is:
1) The cheap ones are FUGLY
2) Cute, but expensive

Here are some that I like:







I actually really like this style. In reality like anything else if it's cheap and tacky its gonna look bad but I guess I'm a fan of the whole boho look and I think it can be worn and look nice like some the photos posted. I also really like it when as an evening gown and I feel like it's a good option for people who wanna show some skin but still be classy.
I think they're awful. It looks like they've got caught up in your knickers. Like, really? You want to show me your knees?
I am a no. I feel like the designer couldn't make up his/her mind, "It should be short AND long!"
i'm not a huge fan. I like the ones that have a smaller difference in length between the front and the back (like the orange one with the brown belt) more than others.

The long ones sort of look like you are opening the curtains around your thigh/ knee area.
i don't like the asymmetrical kind
but i love it when its high in the front (not too high though) and low in the back
so when you walk it sort of floats along behind you
it makes you seem more gracefull than you are i think
plus its less trashy than a miniskirt imo
Heh, I love them. Only plain, single-coloured ones, and only skirts.

And certainly not if they're short enough to verge on tacky :superpuke: that's always disgusting, because it's not like you could wear tights as with most shorter skirts.
I just don't think they look very classy, and it must feel wierd to have the front of your legs exposed but material over the back of your legs.
Absolutely love them, only the skirts though. For some reason the dresses look really tacky to me.

Zara have a gorgeous range of pastel coloured ones at the moment. One of the sales assistants today was wearing a dusky orange one with a pair of Jeffrey's and bitch was rocking it!
hmm, I have one of these skirts & I didn't even know they were a trend.

I like most of them. The floral dress in the first post especially.

Keep in mind, I buy clothes from flea markets and thrift stores...... so.... yeah, I'm not the most fashionable.
I really like them. At first I was iffy, so I decided to try on a dress.. & it was so pretty! The only problem was the store didn't have a smaller size (mwahaahahahahah) :(
I really like the style, but I agree with other posters, that it shouldn't be too short at the front, otherwise it looks horrible.
Love this style! Choosing a good cut can flatter your figure very much.

I am glad mullets are making a comeback. I had a white mullet skirt about 10 years ago. Used to wear it for summer parties with high silver sandals. Good memories! I was 2 sizes larger back then.

I remember seeing on lookbook some girls rocking it sidewise. I thought it looked cute and flirty. I cannot find the photos now unfortunately.