The Codes of Gender


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Feb 16, 2012

This documentary is similar to Dreamworlds- if any of you have seen it. It analyzes advertising and other cultural images from a gendered perspective, and it also kind of gives a brief run-down of basic gender theory.

I thought some of you would be interested in watching it, since we have both self-identified feminists and women involved in fashion/advertising in this community.

Personally, I thought it did a good job of making some deeply-held cultural ideals explicit. I definitely agree with the speaker's analysis of the construction of femininity in advertising.... although I'm guilty of buying into the feminine ideal.
Also, please realize that I am not trying to offend anyone by posting this! It's an attack on the culture... not people working within the confines of the culture.
I'm watching it right now. It's my first time being introduced to this idea, so I find it interesting.
Oh I could kiss you for posting this. I'll be watching this tonight, it is a subject I am deeply interested in. Thanks love! Will be back with commentary. Before then, what did you think of it? I am not sure what this documentary even is really about, but I am sickened every time I turn on the TV and see women in commercials for cleaning products, groceries, childcare, etc. It is very frustrating. As a mother of a girl, I try hard to ensure that she will grow up seeing mommy and daddy are equals when it comes to these things. It is sad the way we have constructed society on a family level...mothers are still seen as primary caregivers of children and the home (studies even show that full-time working mothers, ones that work as much as men, still feel they should take care of the majority-if not all-home and childcare duties!) Something that is portrayed heavily in the media. Maybe this documentary focuses more on physical traits of women which is another subject I find interesting. We are expected to fit into these molds. Now it is curvy, big boobs, long wavy hair, etc. Things I try to steer clear from on a regular basis. I have even stopped blow drying my hair and wearing much makeup as a kind of experiment these past couple of weeks. Going "natural". I have to say, i feel so much sexier and powerful on a deeper level than when I am buying into the more feminine look-lots of makeup, styled hair-which was my typical look for a long time! There is something sexy about doing your own thing. I think I have made the switch for good. Sorry for the long post :). Thanks again for the link.
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haha, no problem. But to be honest, I posted this back in April, so I'm going to have to review the documentary before I can discuss it.:spazrun:

I do think it is an important conversation to have though-- especially among people who are interested in advertising/media.