Sui He



Wow, she is stunning!

Definitely beautiful! Is it just me or does she look "European" in some pictures? Is she of mixed heritage?
Thought that too, so I looked it up. Apparently she is chinese, no mixed heritage.


She said in an interview that she was ugly when she was a child...

I think she was cute in a childish way?


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Jan 22, 2012
It's really interesting to see people appreciate her looks. I can definitely believe the "ugly" childhood comment. Actually even now, my friends and I don't think she's particularly beautiful. I'm being kind here because the actual words they used to describe her weren't so kind. :nervous: It really goes to show how "inclusive" fashion is of different kinds of beauty.

Anyway, any thoughts @bingeonvogue? I personally prefer Fei Fei/Ming whereas Liu has that cookie cutter look that makes Asian people go crazy over. Not a fan of Sui's look so I won't comment. Let's just say that she has probably my least favourite face of all the Asian models.... :seeya:


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Feb 1, 2015
@ZeroDiet I didn't know her before but scrolling through this forum, but I'm not a fan either. Also I'm not sure why but something about her eyes looks somehow off to me? Kind of like how people who wear circle lenses look or something.

YES I think other nationalities actually tend to appreciate Asian models more than Asians (at least out of people I know) :lol: A guy I know models here (not established at all, he just wanted to try it out before grad school) and meets models all the time and I am astounded by how terrible his taste in girls is. He doesn't think models are pretty, even Ji hye Park, who is one of the few Korean models I really like, while he thinks girls who look like this
are pretty. Hundreds of girls walking out of plastic surgery clinics here every day who look exactly like that. :rolleyes: I have no idea who that photo is of by the way :lol: I just looked at who he was following on Instagram and she was the first one. (That username... :disgusted:)

I like Fei Fei too but my opinion of Ming changes with every photo of her My personal favorite is Ju Xiaowen :luv: Soo Joo isn't really my type aesthetically but I love her because I love the attitude she oozes in her street style photos and she just seems like she would be a great person to hang out with haha


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Aug 17, 2020
I know I‘m bumping a five-year-old thread, but I think Sui is underrated as a high fashion model. I know commercial = $$$$ but I think she shines so much brighter in edgier/more creative shoots.

T Magazine China October 2020

(^ I love her arm here)

Wallpaper* China May/June 2020
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