Sucker Punch


Jan 21, 2012
Blah blah blah... teenage boy fantasies.... blah blah blah... feminism... blah blah blah... Jena Malone's face...
These little topics aside, I truly adored this movie. It had some crazy action sequences and if I am ever going to fight, I hope it is in heels and a miniskirt with nothing jiggling but my boobs. (Sorry for the graphics.)
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even though so many ppl hated on this movie (and i get that cause it was ridiculous and zack snyder seems like a teenage boy that never grew up) i loved this movie, the special effects were fuckawesome, a lot of work went into the cinematography! the plot was really different and quite original. the fight choreography kicked butt along with the soundtrack! and i have a secret desire to be the female heroine in some kind of action movie with a wicked weird plot where i get to kick ass while lookin hot! so i lived vicariously through the girls in this movie...i dont get why it was so hated, it seemed like a fun but twisted movie, whats not to like?
i actually love this movie too! i think emily browning is super super cute, and i love all the action! the beginning sequence with 'sweet dreams' always makes me cry :cry: the plot totally confuses me though :oops:
I still haven't seen it actually! But someone recently told me I look like Babydoll from it, which was a huge compliment..*__* (even though I know fine rightly I look NOTHING like her, it was probably just the styling in recent pictures or something haha)
I would have liked the movie if they had shown her apparently MINDBLOWING dancing. It was very frustrating to watch a movie where the heroine supposedly has such an amazing talent but you never get to actually SEE it. Other than that, I liked the costumes and makeup. :)
I´ve seen it and loved it. :luv:
The soundtrack, the action, the girls, the computergame / comic- aesthetic, the special effects, just everything.

The three different layers of story and setting are a little confusing, but I got it :D Yay (a little unusual for me)

Critics should stop complaining - the movie doesn´t even WANT to be realistic, the exaggeration and stereotyping is completely intentional and it´s ART.
lolololol jenna malone's face

I also love the movie and the soundtrack :luv: I tend to daydream a lot to take myself away so I this movie was just perfect. babydoll is played by one of my favorite actresses Emily Browning so that was a huge plus. I feel like such a badass when watching it with the sound up really high :cool:
Spirit Halloween sold costumes last year. But i was real chubby then. And no one wants to be a fat Emily Browning. So this year, it's my goal. :luv:
I fell asleep while watching this movie (not a sign of judging, I fall asleep during every movie ;) ) and I had sooooo weird dreams :lol:
Can someone explain me the ending of the movie? I was so confused :oops:.