Stupid distorted Paris tests


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May 24, 2012
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I get so sick of those tests every single IMG girl who goes through Paris gets, they photoshop them to the point of becoming just a vague resemblance of the model. It's like they stretch the girls faces out around their eyes and pull them in around the jaw to make them appear more alienesque. It's a petty complaint, but it gets on my nerves, especially when you're trying to get a general idea of what a girl looks like before shooting her and she shows up a completely different person.

Here's some examples, I'm not sure if they really illustrate my point, but meh:


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I know what you mean. Sometimes I pick models to cast from looking at their comp cards, and when they turn up for casting they usually look different from the pics. It's not just Paris or IMG. Comp cards should include "raw" polaroids of the models, not just ridiculously DI'ed or styled shoots. I get that those portfolio shots are useful to show how versatile their looks are, but are totally not helpful when I pick a girl who looks like she has a strong chin (thanks to clever angles and shitloads of contouring makeup), and the one that shows up has no chin at all.