Strapless gown, push-up advice


Miss Incognito

I am wearing a strapless ball gown for my wedding :grin:
I am not sure what type of bra / corset/ push-up "apparatus" I should wear with my gown, I am looking for some advice. What do models wear under couture gowns? I want that push-up umph added. The dress is obviously heavy but the bodice is structured. I don't want anything that will slide around or fall down under the dress.
Please offer me your tips and advice if you have any
Thanks :)
@Miss Incognito
Not a model, but I can recommend this or this.

If it were me, I'd go with the bustier style, as they will be less likely to shift, gives a little more cleavage, and is less restrictive than a corset. Also consider going a band size down for strapless - it works wonders for those 'slipping down' issues.
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Models don't wear bras.

I recommend a bustier though:

More support than a strapless bra, perfect for a wedding, and it's slimming! You can probably find some push-up ones really easily.


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