SS16 the most boring season ever?

I saw all the new threads...and they were full of fat girls. :(
I swear this happens every season in New York. I feel terribly let down and sad and then things start looking up in Milan and my faith in fashion is restored in Paris. Same cycle. Every season. NYFW needs help.
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holy, NY is never very exciting but shit, this is one of the worst seasons I remember. Not a single one that has impressed me so far, also as said above the casts are terrible, Gigi Hadids everywhere and also, why are so many NY "designers" pulling previous Céline collections?

looking forward to London, Milan and Paris tho but..
I'm totally loving LFW this season!! (As I do every season... It is my favourite fashion week by far!)
Ashish in particular got me very flustered... Sparkles, fun, and everything I love all in one show! I thought I was going to pass out from fashion-induced hysteria, haha ;):luvluv:
Loved Molly Goddard too, and it was nice to see Zandra Rhodes showing again.

I agree about New York though, I also find it to be quite dull most of the time... wasn't particularly excited by it this season! :meh: Although I did really love the Namilia pieces in the VFILES show (probably the only show I ever really get keen for during NYFW) - super interesting stuff!
I wasn't a fan of nyfw other than Jill Stuart (line brems looked amazing), but things definitely picked up in milan and paris, as always


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NFW was a downright bore. London was better but thank God for Milan and Paris for restoring my interest this season.
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