I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, so if yes, please feel free to merge/direct me to the correct post.

I want to get me some Spanx. I went to the store today to check it out, and tried on the Slim Cognito panties in Small, the smallest size. Apparently Slim Cognito has the highest holding power, but they didn't do much for me, other than smooth out lumps and bumps, they didn't flatten my tummy. I think they were too big to show any effect on me, and when I checked the website, Small is for waist 27". My waist is 23", 22" on a good day, but I have a belly pooch that can't go away no matter what I weigh (it was there when I was 88lbs and worked out everyday).

Normally I wouldn't care that much and I tend to wear 50's style fit-n-flare dresses or full skirts, or babydoll styles, but I just found out that my bf would really like to see me in a tight tank dress for once, so I thought I'd get Spanx to hold the soft parts in (and a part of me really want to finally be able to wear that American Apparel tank dress in my closet that's never seen the light of day).

Anyone know where I could get bodyshapers similar to Spanx, but comes in even smaller sizes?
great thread! I would like to know too. The only thing I can think of is corsets--these can be similar in function to shapewear but they do come in all sorts of small sizes. other then that, this is the reason I don't own shapewear either, the stuff is too big and so not useful for my current size :meh: