South Park Tackles Fat Pride and Honey Boo Boo


Worker Bee
May 13, 2012
Did anyone watch the latest SP episode? It tackled fat pride (Honey Boo Boo and her mother) and the general attitude towards obesity in America.

I actually thought it was a really good episode.

Just to let you know it doesn't make fun of obese people, but rather their refusal to change their lifestyle because "it's a disease!".

Also they poke fun on the whole "if you're not obese you must be anorexic".
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I didn't see the episode but I saw a preveiw of it and I was dying! Definitely watching it ASAP :lol:
Its available for free at south park studios dot come. Its the show's official website so its legit. I thought it was pretty funny. :) but i am a SP junkie so i am a bit biased.
LOVED IT!!!! and I don't usually like South Park.

esp. when he goes into gym class and mocks American culture for promoting anorexia and accuses all the thin kids of having eating disorders. I almost died.
I love SP, and my husband hates fat as much as I do, so can't wait to watch this w/ him. We DVR all the new episodes so it's on my TV right now. Love it!
Loved it! Watched it twice already.

Been a sp fan since the first season and they are always spot on with social commentary. I knew it was only a matter of time before they got on Honey Boo Boo. Rightly so!
I don't usually watch SP but this episode is hilarious. Plus I'll watch anything make fun of fat pride. Ah ha, walmart scooters!
I haven't watched it, but I LOVEEEE south park!! It might seem silly, but I think its a awesome show that shows the social problems and hypocrisies of our country while being crude and hilarious lol. I can't wait to watch specific episode :D
I watched it, it was superb. Cartman epiphanized the ignorance of the fat acceptance culture in America. I was just sitting and watching the episode saying "yes, yes!" the whole time haha.
This episode was hilarious! I was so disgusted when they were making the 'sketty.' Butter, ketchup and pasta sounds so gross to me. :superpuke: The scene with the scooters in WalMart was also pretty great.
The scooters and mud wrestling were probably the funniest things I have seen on the show. The funniest part is that even though the makers meant all of the things Cartman was saying as a joke, it is what fat people actually say in real life.
Oh my god, as referenced by @Eternal Summer the new season is absolutely amazing. God bless South Park. Dying at the "killing" of reality :lol:
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