Soo Joo Park



South Korean model...She's so gorgeous and i love her style. It takes some courage to be an Asian model and go blonde... but i think it suits her well. :luv:

height : 178 cm
measurements: 33-24-35 inch

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She's not naturally blond.. is she? I think she looks cute, but I'm not sure about the hair colour... I'd rather see her as a brownish ginger girl.
She looks great. Nice features, good body, and I love her clean skin!

I think that´s something most asian models have in common - their small bone frame makes them look so naturally skinny, not starved and malnourished like someone of caucasian descend would look at the same weight.

Lol, I have to keep her secret from my bf - he has some sort of fetish for blonde asians! :lol:
I think she's very cute and the blonde hair looks pretty good on her (one of those rare occasions when blonde looks good on Asian girls). But, I would love to see her with her natural hair colour :).
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wow, yeah she really does look great. I love her style and hair too. She is quite unique.
Oh wow, she is beautiful, holy crap! I actually adore the blonde hair, she rocks it and it looks sexy and different. :luv::luv::luv: new girlcrush methinks.
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Yeah she looks great! :luv: I think the blonde hair gives her an unique edge that other models done have
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I love her :luv: such a pretty face and a nice body. Not my favourite, but she has nice arms and legs. It's so odd to think that girls like her would be considered ugly in South Korea.
I always thought Asians looked silly with blond hair but she's an exception! :) Although she'd look much, much better if her eyebrows were blond too...
Anyway, nice thinspo!!!
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She is so fragile! Love her. I'd never thought that asian girl can look good with blonde hair.


^ so tiny...

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Yes, she is a stunner, for sure. I love the blonde hair on her. She immediately reminded me of Daul Kim (when she went blonde) - may her soul (Daul Kim)rest in peace.

Here's a picture of Daul with blonde hair. She pulled it off well.

Daul Kim was only 20 years old when she committed suicide...she was so talented, not only as a model, but also as a blogger and painter.
She's my current obsession!
She's cute and has a gret style:


With her natural hair coulour: