Snooki weight loss


Jan 24, 2012
So, I've heard a lot about this "Snooki weight loss" thing. Before I looked up on the internet I didn't know who Snooki was. Now I now she's from Jersey Shore. The thing is, it really is impressive all the weight she lost.. and I wanted to share this with you :)

She went from this:

To this:

She told Wetpaint Entertainment how she lost weight (now she's 98 pounds)

"Yeah, I would say for me, I lost all the weight at first from dieting. So, just eating very healthy, not eating past 7pm. For breakfast, just have a yogurt. For lunch, if you can, just have like, a banana or an apple, and then for dinner, that’s when you can have a big meal of like chicken and rice and broccoli. Once you start doing that, I mean you’re gonna lose like ten pounds right away. And exercising, just do a lot of cardio. That’s when you get like, that’s when you get really toned."

Any thoughts???
Yeah, I dont find her skinny neither, but that doesnt change the fact that her weight loss is impressive. :)
Slimmer or not, she still resembles a Munchkin from The Wizard of Oz for me :twisted:
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What do you all think she would have to weigh to be "skinny?" I'd say 80 ish pounds since she's so short.

She looks like a plus sized Oompa Loompa. :rolleyes:
This girl is a joke.
She´s shallow, dumb as a rock, annoying and an attention whore par excellence.

I remember when she told in an interview how she used to be anorexic in high school :wtf:
To me, that was nothing more than a desperate fattie move from someone who could´t take it anymore that people called her fat, so she wanted them to feel guilty.
Also her ...uhm, "anorexia" weight was 80 lbs, which isn´t that dangerously low for someone that short.

And that´s what she used to look like:
She should really consider going back to her high school weight.
80 lbs looks good on her.

This picture is very old; she (apparently) used to be anorexic.

Then she gained weight and looked like the first picture. and now she's back down a bit, but nowhere near as skinny as the was in above photo.
Tbh, I don't think she was ever *that* skinny. I think the anorexia claims were just a cry for attention and sympathy, tbh.