Slimming Clothes


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Jan 27, 2012
I don't actually believe in slimming clothes. If you're fat go on a diet and clothes won't really make you slimmer than you are. However, I have some friends birthday parties coming up and of course photos will be taken. What could I wear that won't make me seem so huge and make me tear the photos up. I'm already watching what I eat so am not on my ideal weight yet but need to look good since I'm pretty sure these photos will be up on Facebook. I could untag but people can still see the photos.

I could wear black but it seems so obvious. I read somewhere green makes you look slim in photos.

Any ideas?
Forget black. Wear slim/ but not too fitting clothes that emphasize your waist (and don't make you look bulky, like ruffle sleeves). Wear something like a cardigan and leave it open. Together with the shirt underneath, this will create the illusion of a slimmer figure. Wear black tighs with a short skirt to slim your legs. Wear heels.

And most important: know how to pose for photos. Body turned slightly sideways, upper arm not pressed against your body. Practice beforehand (mirror, camera). Pose in photos near your fattest friend, to seem slimmer by comparison.

At you can post pictures of your outfit and people can comment on it and give you suggestions.
I like that tip "pose near your fattest friend" :lol:

I think blazers can make you look slimmer.
I don't think black is too obvious, tbh, because it's such a common colour. I work at a clothing store and 80% of the dresses we get are black. Darker shades in general are slimming though, so dark green, purple, blue-whatever floats your boat.
I'd say emphasize your smallest/best feature. If you're a pear shape, wear black tights to hide your legs and use a belt to show off your waist. If you have nice legs, show them off and disguise your waist with a blazer or flowy top. Be careful with baggy clothes though, they tend to make you look larger in pictures...Balance them out with tight-fitting clothing somewhere else
Depends on your problem areas. Flabby arms - elbow length sleeves. Flabby thighs - a skirt that skims the narrowest part of the thigh above the knee. Chubby tummy - a belt to hold it in. No horizontal stripes, no all-black :)