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Petite Papillon

Has anyone come across This cook has a bunch of low-cal/ low-fat recipes. I've tried two, so far. They actually taste really good and they fill me up!
I love that website! I made a chicken and spinach dish the other night, and it was really good! I also find it incredibly helpful that she posts nutrition info.
This is my favorite recipie site!! I get so many dinners and dinner ideas from there. One of my favorites is the turkey taco lettuce wraps - they are so filling and so low calorie (140 cal for two) :).
Awesome! I love the nutrition info too, it's a great way to keep count. Plus the food so good, I can slip them past my family and they won't notice I've cut the calories down buy hundreds!:sneaky:

Plus they're really easy, I just started actually cooking for myself and I can follow them okay!:cool:
I love that they have tasty, low-cal vegetarian options! Maybe I'll cook one of the recipes later on this week.. :)
just made cookies from that website. lowest calorie ive ever had