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    Sep 2, 2013
    So my skin has been pretty dry lately and I had gotten really absorbed in Korean skincare and all of the kooky products available. Researching snail serums led to ogling korean celebrities' skin, which, in turn, led to watching youtube videos of their skincare routines, which ultimately landed me in a pile of gold:

    Road to Seoul - show about modeling

    Training to Become Models at Arts High Schools

    Walking New York, the Stage of Dreams

    For foreigners, the allure of Korea

    Alpha Girls - reality show following Soo Joo + 3 others - 8 episodes

    OnStyle clips - I am guessing that this is a network dedicated to beauty and fashion - most vids have subtitles, although some do not. highly recommend just browsing through that account as there are videos that range from exercise tips to instructions for washing your face :wtf: but here are some gems:

    she straight up says that she is only eating 1 meal per day :naughty:
    Top Model ‘Song Kyung-a’ #Allabout#Fashion#Beauty
    another one with a fit model
    model diary
    Choi Sora series about her modelling life in NY

    KStyle channel - everything is in English and most vids center around fashion and beauty

    Beauty Bible - show about dieting and beauty [3 seasons - all have subtitles]
    2014 f/w
    2015 f/w
    2015 s/s
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    Thank you for posting this! Can't wait to watch.

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