Worker Bee
Jan 23, 2012
London, UK
OK I know she gets mixed opinions, hey she doesn't have the prettiest face, but damn she stays in good shape. The SATC movie is on TV right now and I'm just in awe of how amazing she looks in all these high trend pieces at her age. Whenever I get my box set out I'm always 'thinspired' by her little legs working the crazy outfits she wears. There are so many things only skinny women can pull off which is one of my main motivations :) so she just reminds me of this...


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I luv her too :luv: I've read she's so focused on her workout and watching out what she eats. Its so inspirational.


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Can't stand her face, but she has an awesome body for someone her age. She is also an okay actor, sex and the city is okay.
Yip, I'll be happy if I weigh as little as she does at her age.
Though I think she's put on a little recently. Or maybe it's
just that I've only seen her in flat shoes and winter coats ;)
I agree that she is skinny and her lifestyle is a serious thinspiration... However her face is just wrong to me. There is something about it that i just can't stand.