Sizing? Who to trust?


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Jan 27, 2012
I don't really weigh myself but i like to check how I look in the mirror and measure myself and see how the clothes look on me.
But the clothing size are different everywhere. Living in the UK means UK size 8 is equivalent to US 4. Its generally hard to find stores that would do a size 6 and even rare to find a size 4 (US size 0).

Which stores are generous in their sizing?
I don't like false hope so the more strict the sizing are the better for me. I like the feeling of being the skinniest and being able to fit into the smallest size clothes out there. But having said that I find myself fitting into size 0 clothes from the US and size 8 clothes in the UK when that is the smallest size given.

I find Topshop on a generous side. Their bottoms are generally large and their tops are ok I think but I worry that they are too generous so I tend to avoid.

I like Zara because I think their clothing isn't too stringent or too generous and I like that I can fit into a 34 or an xs. But Reiss on the other hand which is a high end store are apparently generous. i can fit into their size 4 (size 0) clothes but am I given false hope by them?

Jane Norman is probably a good store for skinny people. However, I find their stuff a bit tacky.

I like Abercombie (well not all their clothing) for their sizing. i can buy size 00. Again I heard they are generous. Whereas Hollister their size 0 fits pefectly on me. But on the tops I need a bigger size. I sometimes feel like its ok if I get a larger size for the tops because every time I go in I see 13-15 year olds coming out so its ok and obviously I have breasts so its ok if I go a size up.

The more expensive the clothes or branded clothes tend to do smaller jeans which I like. You can find a size 23 and 24 jeans from Paige, 7 of mankind and J brand etc. Which of these brand or other brands are strict on their sizing?

Which stores are stringent in their sizing? Which stores are generous?
The stores that are not so generous the better. i like the feeling of wearing small clothes but I don't want it to feel super tight on me. I generally like the feeling that my clothes are loose on me. I don't want to be given a false illusion that I am super skinny when I am not so please do share.

Thanks for reading :)
uh, sizing is so annoying! why can't every store be the same? i'm usually a uk 8, sometimes a 6, but i just bought a pair of size 8 jeans from topshop and they are CRAZY tight. i can just about do them up, but it looks disgusting, so they are my motivation jeans (that was a depressing day in the changing room)
its so frustrating.
Well, I find that so many stores put out such a variety of sizes, that I really don't bother worrying too much about it. I usually check the store's sizing chart online before I go and compare that with my measurements, so I know about what to expect. I generally find it easiest when sizes are labeled by waist measurement [23, 24, 25, 26, etc.] because this way, there really isn't a way to be "generous"; the size is based off the number of inches around your waist. The size you get can also depend on the cut, flare vs. skinny, stretch vs. denim, etc. Basically, I'd suggest getting a measuring tape and measuring waist, hips, etc., [or if not, at least have one pair of jeans that you know the size of, and try those on once every week/two weeks to really tell] so that you'll know for sure whether or not you've gone down, instead of judging by unreliable jean sizes from different stores.
I agree with others, it depends on the cut, so I'll try to generalize. This is based from my experience being a size 0 with a 32"-23"-32" figure. With skirt suits/pant suits, Anne Klein runs really big. Too bad though because size 0 is their smallest. J Crew, a little bit generous, and Banana Republic, just about right. Most of my J Crew tops size XS feel like S instead of XS, but all my J Crew button down shirts fit like XS. BCBG and BCBG Max Azria tend to be regular to junior size, some size 0 clothes are snug. Victoria Secret runs regular, with some pants a bit generous on the waist, like one size 0 pant has a 26" waist, while another one has a 28". Michael Kors and Dana Buchman are just a little bit bigger, while Ralph Lauren is pretty regular. With jeans, I tend to wear 97% cotton 3% spandex, around that area. I noticed that Seven 7 Mankind runs regular, as well as J Brand, but Genetic Denim is tight. I mean if it says it has a 24" waist, you better have an actual 24" waist. I like J Brand sizing so much, I have a lot of pairs. Usually, the cheaper the brand, the more generous the sizing is. I had this experience with Target's brand Merona where the size 2 pants which is the smallest fits like an actual size 6.
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Idk whether it's different in the UK but in California abercrombie and holster are literally THE smallest sizes. Perhaps excepting American apparel. A&F and holister are owned by the same company, their sizing is the same. It probably depends what type of pants you are trying on and the tiny variations in the factories.
uh, sizing is so annoying! why can't every store be the same? i'm usually a uk 8, sometimes a 6, but i just bought a pair of size 8 jeans from topshop and they are CRAZY tight. i can just about do them up, but it looks disgusting, so they are my motivation jeans (that was a depressing day in the changing room)
its so frustrating.

I got myself new jeans few days ago too. I didn't know what the sizes mean, so I just picked ones that looked like I would fit in. I had to go and get a bigger size if I didn't want to look and feel like a sausage.

So my new jeans are a size 28. But the sizes start from 25. I felt so depressed, I swear that from now on I will try on new clothes in shops twice a week.

As I understood from google, 28 is the size of waist. The waistline of jeans is on the hip line. Can pants actually be ment to be for a 25 inch/63 cm waistline?

So if anyone needs fitting room motivation and lives in north Europe, I suggest you go to Bik Bok - the king of skinny sizes.

And by Zoey M. is also a real wonder. Jeans tagged size 36 EU (S or UK 8) looked like a size 34 and felt like a 32. Le misery. I didn't even dare to try on the "34" which would in most cases fit normally.
dont't worry- i was always buying jeans at Levi's store. My size was 26-27, with length 30, because i'm short. they stopped doing 30 (really dont know why, is everyone taller than me?) so the next is 32.. which is too long obviously. After i lost my weight 26 was too big so i asked for 25. I heard they dont have it anomore. wtf.
for short people like me: benetton is the ONLY store with jeans fitting perfectly. ;>