Sienna Miller, anyone?



I'm surprised I haven't heard any Sienna skinny talk over here! (if there's another thread, my sincere apologies. I searched, did not find)

Anywho, she's def. one of my biggest girl crushes. I just adore her. She's also around my height (I'm a towering 5'2) which makes for some helpful thinspo. She's also quite beautifully dressed, most of the time. Which I love.

Three cheers for SM!


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Oh, I was meaning to make a post about Sienna's Factory Girl performance but I just didn't have time.


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I didn't realise she is pregnant! And she looks really good. Seems to me that she will lose her pregnancy weight (if any) really quick.

Anyway, yes, I've loved her body for years. She is short but really slim yet muscular and toned. You can't really tell her height from the pictures, and even if you can I feel that she has just the right amount of 'petite-ness'.

I really wonder how she maintain her weight. She has always been really slim, yet she doesn't seem to have healthy eating habits (from all those tabloids I read before...), though I think she works out quite a bit. Oh, and I love her fashion sense too!
I find Sienna Miller annoying. But she does dress good sometimes.

I agree. Great style and all but i find her annoying ever since she made a huge show about dating a married guy.....i think that relationship was also pretty bad for her acting career.

I looove Sienna Miller, it think she always looks great and has an amazing style. And I also love that perfume (Boss Orange) that she's a face of. :D By the way I think perfumes are great in a way that they make you remember your goals. Like when I wear, for example, that perfume it reminds me of Sienna, so of the way I'd like to look so it's easier not to get distracted :)
And I think she looks amazing in Alfie!




I don't adore her, but I have to admit that she looks gorgerous even while pregnant

i love to follow skinnies on instagram and am by no means against it, but i love this quote by sienna miller regarding instagram:

(It) fueled the worst part of my soul. It was the most addictive thing. Every morning I’d wake up and there would be a thousand more followers or whatever and there would be these amazing greetings like ‘Welcome! We love you!’ I’d be inflated by this nonexistent, intangible love. I was like, ‘I need to get off this.’ … Ultimately it leaves you feeling incredibly lonely. I know friends who are prolific on social media, and it gives them a lot of anxiety. That level of exposure…