shows about health abarna is watching

Feb 13, 2012
ive got exams in less than a week and ive been doing a lot of procrastinatin watchin tv shows about health: food, diet, excercise, antiageing and that sort of instead of spammin the tv show section i thought id put them all in this one thread

to start with: the truth about food how to stay young and beautiful which covers studies about what foods are good for skin, whether detox works, what foods help memory, what foods absorb and rid the body of fat, what foods help sight and so on
such a good time killer. I watch way too many of these shows.
super slim me is called this i suppose because its about a girl that does the opposite of what happens in supersize me. basically its about an average sized girl trying to get to us size zero in eight weeks
its a good watch because it shows that it is not a good idea to try to get to that size in a short amount of time with crash diets because its effects on your health are for the worse and can impact your mentality. plus she says some hilarious things so its quite entertaining.
the show does annoy me a little bit because it is against skinny unhealthy models/celebs/media BUT she does it using laxatives and maple drinks in a very small amount of time considerin her start weight is over a stone to high, so of course its not gonna be good for her health. I'd like it if she had instead done it over a year with healthy eating and excercise because i'd like to see that its achievable in a healthier way, rather than for her to immediately think that everybody size zero gets there by crash dieting and abusing their body so regularly.