Shoes of Prey - Design Your Own Shoes?!

AnnaLeah Rose

Jan 16, 2012
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Have you girls heard of this site? You get to design your own custom pair of shoes - and apparently, if you're not happy with them, you still get a refund (which tells me that they're probably decent shoes if they are backed by that kind of a satisfaction guarantee). The price range is from ~$100-200+.

I've had fun just going on the site and creating some shoes . . . and dream of someday buying a pair (I buy clearance - cute clearance, but clearance nonetheless) from JCPenneys, I'm not exactly a loaded girl. Ah well, one can dream. :p So I was thinking that if anyone wants to, they can go onto the Shoes of Prey website and design a pair to share with everyone! Show your fashion sense. :cool:
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Here are a few of mine:

Little Mermaid Inspired ;)

Something patriotic

Like ballet shoes . . . high-heeled balled shoes!
Jesus christ, I just spent an hour on that thing to end up with the most boring shoe to ever exist. I always find that the designs on those 'custom design' things look so cheap, here's my best..

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.40.39.png

Please imagine them paired with this outfit for context..

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