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What are the shoe "essentials", in your opinion? What should EVERY girl have? Maybe say.. for each season? Like for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

I am currently saving up to buy a TON of shoes. I have a few really nice pairs of heels but my casual shoe situation is horrendous right now :facepalm:

I am in need of some guidance!

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I guess it depends on what is in style for that season, but shoes, in my opinion, that are always a must have (that never go out of style)..
-black pumps
-nude heels
-black strappy heels
-black flats (I love the Tory burch reva flats--classic)
-tall boots seem to always be in style too

Right now im loving short booties and combat boots for fall! Also loafers are hot too :)
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A pair of black or brown boots, I think riding boots are really versatile (pretty much all I wear in winter) but if you like ankle boots or motorcycle boots then those can be good as well.

-black pumps
-nude heels
-black strappy heels
-black flats (I love the Tory burch reva flats--classic)
-tall boots seem to always be in style too
I agree with your list :) I've been on the look out for nude pumps though, but I'm always drawn to other shoes more and I don't actually think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. Also maybe for summer nice simple sandals, wedges/heels if you want some height.
I consider these essentials

Black boots
Brown boots
Dress boots (mine are suede with stiletto heels)
Black ballet pumps (suede)
Neutral colour ballet pumps (suede)
Black heeled pumps
Neutral Colour heeled pumps
Open toe black pumps for going out
Neutral Colour open toe black pumps for going out
Ankle boots (everyday shoe)

I personally prefer suede. I seriously go week after some serious good pair of suede boots.
Agree with the lists...
I think this depends on what you do ie. student, and where you work..
I work in an office and my essential list would be
Black pumps
Neutral heels
Flat black shoes
Party heels
Black ankle boots
Black knee high boots
& a pair of haivanas

If possible, invest in ferragamo, choos or louboutin..
Warning: RANT

I am very shoe-concerned at the moment. I have been all over Manhattan in search for great heels to be met with great frustration. You guys have the generals. . . black pumps, blah, blah but, I just, ugh! Even if they are Choos or Dior, it fissures my sole (shoe humor) to go to those houses and by the boring stuff. Why not get a black pump, with whatever toe shape, platform, or height you like--obviously, but with a little flair. I used to be so conservative and minimal with my shopping and now I regret it. The pieces I love the most in my wardrobe are the more wild--the couture, NOT my model uniform. The downside to this is, if you are like me and weary of being one of those girls with a colossal closet of outfits, people will notice your outfit and remember it and it can be daunting to repeat them. Just recently I wore a stunning gown and gathered compliments for a week--from folks who didn't even see it in person! Can I ever wear it again?! Maybe in a different country. But I'd rather that than being in visual need of Zoloft--don't Kate Middleton's pumps make you cry? She is so lovely and tall--why not get three pairs of pumps in the jewel tones she looks so nice in? Have a color palette. Have a complex (not "boho," "elegant," or "chic,"--you a person not a Barbie) look that suits you physically . . . and philosophically. I lovveeeed the YSL Tribtoos but I don't have the superhigh instep to make them look like I didn't roll out of a Zara. So I didn't buy them--but they are classics! I tried the Choo Anouks (super classic) but they were bringing me down with their "I am 30 and flirty" vibe. Basically, all of this "style advice" in books and magazines is bullshit--would you really want to meet Emmanuelle Alt in black slingbacks and a pencil skirt? Fuckthatshit.

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For me, practicality is number one. I have a very minimalist, classic, timeless style. I don't try to box myself in, but I just gravitate toward very simple, clean dressing. I work in an office environment so staying understated and classic are important to me. And this is how I feel most comfortable. Key shoes for me are:

-black embellished loafers
-black pumps
-nude pointy-toe pumps
-low heel Mary Janes (great for taking walks during breaks)
-high heeled sandals for summer in various textures and materials

I rotate these shoes constantly, honestly, it is about all I wear. I also have a pair of wedge suede boots that are very warm and comfy for winter dressing and walking in snow, and a few black leather boots (one ankle, one tall, one with lots of fringe that swing when I walk :)).

It all depends on your personal style, daily life, and preference. For example a daycare worker will not be wearing louboutin pumps every day. I like to invest in versatile, timeless pieces that I will be using frequently and for a long time. But I am not really a shoe person. Examine your wardrobe and see what fits.