Shit fat girls who think they're hot say

:lol::wtf: Oh man, fat girls and their many delusions....plenty of first hand knowledge of this...
HAHA that's great! Wasn't that was also the girl on my strange addiction (the tanning episode) ?
If i ever get that fat I would become a clinically depressed girl that will never show her face in sun light again!!!!

Even at my highest weight I didn't look anywhere near like that :wtf:

funny video though:lol:
:lol: All the dislikes! Can you say "hit a nerve"?

But the uploader is hilarious, I love that she can poke fun at herself. Too perfect.
Hahaha yeah I know me too....worst part is I know girls just like this and it makes me so mad, mostly because they claim they are the same size as me but when they try to squeeze into clothes my size ....well.... You know. Muffin top.etc, etc
:lol: Woow, who wants to be in a youtube video like that? But alright, if they are happy in their own world, who am I to criticize?
:lol: Why oh why?!?!?!? This is what gives fat girls a bad name besides being fat in general...:superpuke:
I love her! Shes obviously making fun of herself and other fat girls. She's very real and hilarious.
Actually, she used to be a stripper and is very open about it. But shes currently trying to lose weight.