Sasha Luss


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Just spotted Sasha on Reformation. She looks a lot heavier - I'm hoping it's somehow a model who looks a ton like her, but I'm pretty sure these are her
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Oh. My. GOD. She looks SO BAD. Doughy and blah and unhappy. I had no idea this was happening with her, and to be honest I never would have expected it from Sasha.

Yikes, she’s looking so bad.

Also from where she was before to a Reformation model? :nervous: In my opinion it would have been a better look even to stay doing nothing…

That's what I don't get. Maybe she's more desperate for money than we think? IDK. I would have definitely advised her to pass on it unless she really needed the cash, it's very off brand especially because she looks so thick and pasty. Maybe she's out of money? She lives and spends like a damn queen and the big money work (her beauty contracts) are behind her. Is she still seeing David Koma? She should have locked in a legit rich guy before now IMO.
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I don't know why you ladies are surprised, it has been quite a while since she became a chubby. More than two years at least.

Also, her acting career isn't going that well, she was in this low rated movie:
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I may or may not know that our lovely Luss is starring in a film being shot with a friend of mine in Bangkok, Thailand. So excited for it to come out!

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