Sasha Cohen <3



An inspiration for those of us on the shorter side.

I am a huge fan of figure skating. I skate myself but I am no good at it.

Sasha in one of my all time favourites. She was a gymnast before becoming a figure skater. I think she was one of the most flexible skaters out there.






She is retired and has gained recently, nevertheless. She will always be an inspiration to me.
Oh I used to absolutely adore her :luv: around the 2006 olympics or so....She was athletic and toned (obviously, she had to be) but also very delicate looking, which I can't say about some of the other star skaters out there. She also always had this amazingly stick-straight back which I loved. Its true she is very petite, (5'2 or so?) but the skates gave her extra height ;) I sometimes wonder what she is up to these days....
Did you see her at the 2010 Olympics? She came back to competition even skinnier... I grew up watching her and she's always been an unbelievable talent in my eyes :) just wish she'd managed to skate 2 clean and consistent programs at a major event post-2002!

If you like the look of her check out Mao Asada, she's teeny tiny :) or Yuko Kavaguti the pairs skater... ridiculously small but so strong! Plus her partner is hot ;)