Sarah Hyland (from Modern Family)



I hate her acting on Modern Family but I think she is pretty decent thinspo for short girls. She looks really young but she is actually 21, so she's past her young kid metabolism and she still looks very tiny. Her ass could use some toning but her legs are probably the skinniest legs currently on tv (I'm talking to you, fatties on Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars!!!). I also think she looks very healthy- nice skin and hair, and she always looks so vibrant and energetic.




I thought she was cute in the first season on MF. But now she looks really bloated and strange. These are from November 7th:
Wow! Just found out about her, Gorgeous face! Thin & petite; not skinny but would look like a PERFECT goddess if she became one! I love her fringe cut as well...

She reminds me of Mila Kunis.




shes just cute to me.. not gorgeous. she has a really cute personality too :)
body wise- again, cute! has a lot of potential.



she looks to me like she is a little on the skinny/fat side. skinny, but not toned whatsoever.. esp this photo of her stomach.
she looks to me like she is a little on the skinny/fat side. skinny, but not toned whatsoever.. esp this photo of her stomach.

I actually read that she had a kidney transplant last year, so that may explain why her stomach isn't that toned. Hopefully she fixes it soon!
She's 21?!?!? Holy crap she looks SO YOUNG! She's older than me but looks way younger. I also agree she looks so much like Mila Kunis, they could be sisters.



Also yeah she's skinny-fat. She's obviously naturally slim and doesn't really work to maintain it.




Have you seen the more recent Modern Familys? What happened to her face?

bad pic
I think her age caught up to her, doesn't look so slim anymore... pictures from the Teen Vogue event on 7th Feb 2013

Wow!!!!! still not SG skinny but what an improvement! Her face looks so much better when it's not all bloated!
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Her and Mila Kunis both fit the skinny look so well. They should hold on to it (or well, Mila should return to it...). I like her in Modern Family and she comes across as very cute in interviews! Back when I still watched Modern Family I loved seeing whatever outfits they would put on her. She's so petite and Hayley's a pretty good dresser so I got some inspiration from her.
:luvluv: I love this girl. She's really slimmed down lately.

Apparently her weight loss is due to some health problems and she's not happy with how she looks. And she's responded to the ED accusations this picture has sparked. While I agree I do like how she looks, I feel kinda bad finding thinspo from a sick girl.
"Maybe one day I'll talk about it but for now, I'd like my privacy," she said. "I've basically been on bed rest for the past few months, I've lost a lot of muscle mass I know that my face is swollen from medication that is saving my life."
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