Sandra Bullock



I'm really starting to love Sandra Bullock. She's 49 (!!!) and while she's not SG skinny, she's very fit and slim and always looks so healthy and radient. She looked so great at the Oscars today. She's not really thinspo for me as she is long term inspiration, like a reminder to not sacrifice all my muscle tone and youthful skin for an extra few pounds on the scale.:nervous:





I also love her for showing up in person to accept the worst actress Razzie award a few years ago. She seems to have a real sense of humor and class unlike the manufactured persona Jennifer Lawrence keeps shoving at us.
IMO I find it really inspiring when I see older women with great bodies, skin, classic beauty, etc. because it does take long-term dedication and upkeep. I'm moving into my late 20s now so I'm always on the lookout for 30+ thinspo because, truthfully, it gets harder to maintain a skinny bod as you get older (and if you do, sometimes it looks quite bad).

Anyway, I think Sandra looks great for her age and I dare say I'd be happy to have that bod at 50. Though I did think her face was looking a little botox-y at the Oscars :hmm:
She looks pretty good, especially for an actress at that age. I wish she'd work on slimming down her arms a bit, and of course she isn't really skinny, more average, but that dress was definitely flattering on her.
I hate her. I'm not sure why but I absolutely hate her, I think she is so overrated and I don't find her attractive. I will say for 49 she has a decent body but I'm just not really a fan
I have no idea but there is something about her that irks me.
Maybe 'hate' is a strong word, but she has such a typical celebrity face and just seems...bland.

I have to admit that for a 50 year old woman, she looks pretty damn good, but it is easy to stay in shape and glowing when you make millions of dollars a year (14, to be exact, I jsut checked :p). You hire a cook, a personal trainer, a stylist and voilà!

And I'm sorry but her acting isn't outstanding either, so just, meh. Not much to add I guess. :p
I love this bitch. She doesn't take herself seriously, she has brain and good looks. I can't believe she is 50. :wtf: