Salma Hayek - good example imo of curvy NOT FAT!

Apr 16, 2012
I love her as an actress and I think she is a good example of what curvy really means - being skinny but having a shape. Not just having rolls everywhere. She has large breasts and hips that are proportionate but she is clearly fit and has a flat toned tummy, arms and legs. She has been bigger in the past but that was always around the times she had her children and she has slimmed down again every time after.








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I can't believe how tiny her waist is in some of those pictures. I think her giant boobs make it look even smaller, and her waist makes her boobs look bigger. Unreal.
Are those boobs real? She looks great!!!!
Yeah she is def. not fat but just curvy in a very sexy way :kiss:
Agreed, this is what the curvy models should look like!!!
She is the sexy vurvacious woman... I still prefer to look a skinny but if I was forced i would rather have this be the curvy model ideal
I love her! Probably because I also have a rather large rack! You are right, she's definitely curvy not fat. I certainly aspire to be skinnier myself, but her proportions work very well for her.
I love her. We have almost the exact same body. My boobs arents that big and my waist hasnt been small in years but my goal is her body at her thinnest. Its the best we curvy, short girls can manage. :) Plus, she is an actress with an actual brain who thinks about global issues and the welfare of all people. She impresses me.