Saara Sihvonen


Alex N.

She was on Finland's Next Top Model and even though she didn't win, she's been pretty successful for an NTM competitor. She's walked for Givenchy, Helmut Lang, Lacoste and Paul Smith, to name a few.






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Well she has a way better body than Americas Next Top Model winners.
Nice legs!
I love her polaroids. They're so charming. She's just a tad soft. She should take some notes from @Artemis.

Yeah, especially her thighs could use some toning. And she has this funny lazy eye in some of her pics! But I still find her unique and interesting. :)
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Her lazy eye is so distracting in some pictures. She was a Saint Laurent Worldwide Exclusive this season, and I hope she gets the campaign. I'm not really a fan of her, but I'd rather have her become another NTM success story than see Julia, Edie, Hanne, or some other potato star in the campaign.