Romanticizing ED’s on TikTok

I read through this thread and definitely agree with a lot of what was said! I definitely think the recent growth in "mental health awareness" (if you could call it that) has also created a huge opening for these types of people to post under those topics to openly boast and engage in validating, attention seeking behaviour while hiding behind a shield of "honesty" or "venting", and if anyone was to react negatively to it, they will throw up the defence of "body/skinny shaming, having prejudice to mental illness, 'this is the reality of mental illness dont like it don't look!!'"

I've seen a huge rise in people posting "day in the life of anorexia recovery" sort of videos, and absolutely not doing anything that really focuses on recovery, just a bunch of boasting restriction, boasting extremely low weights with a few body checks clipped in between. (I swear I have blocked so many accounts and they just do not leave my algorithm, the algorithm really doesn't let go of a topic no matter how many times you try to disengage with it..) I think the recent rise in aesthetics, fitness, "it girl" types of posts also give people more subtle opportunities to post clearly disordered behaviour under a mask that is more "acceptable".

Im not sure if i'm just overly skeptical of others or if it is how I see it, but it really seems like there are many creators who most definitely have eating disorders and love to show it off by posting grwm/fit check videos that are just body checking over and over, not saying that every thin person who posts online is attention seeking or boasting it, just the accounts that clearly engage with that kind of behaviour.

I've also seen a very cringey rise in girls aestheticising being skinny, as posted earlier in the threads, I wish these people would just go find their own communities and spaces that isn't on one of the biggest social media platforms. I can understand wanting to talk about it, get validation or flex ect, but just do it in an appropriate space. We don't need more young girls falling into these illnesses, there's clearly enough of a problem with normal social media usage let alone the weird normalisation of deadly disorders for an "aesthetic".
Almost everything I mentioned has really already been said, I just wanted to add my repetitive 2cents since it's something I think about a lot!!
Eww, what a trashy disgusting skank, good riddance.

Vomiting I Feel Sick GIF

She says we banned her for romanticizing EDs, no we banned you for being a lying pig.

Ew, when I banned her I literally wrote that she was being banned because she outed her chubby self on TikTok. So she knows what she’s saying is a lie, such a piggy.
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I think this post would be more suitable for the "Rookie Court" thread because now we know which member is in question, right?
I agree in principle but like it being here instead of Rookie Court because the gross liar's likely to read it (especially given "TikTok" in the thread title) and maybe even feel embarrassment—though given the vulgar way she appears to live and showcase her life I’m not sure she still has the capacity to feel embarrassment. :hahano:
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I’ll never understand the point in some of these people keeping their ED tiktok accounts public, I think the private ones are ok since it’s all still kept inside of the community and there is no risk of people who don’t seek out this content to see it.
The issue is when these pro ana (no offense but 99% of the time it’s either kpop fans or Skins/thirteen fans) accounts decide that they value getting followers and views more then keeping the often very young tiktok users safe from their triggering content.
It’s honestly gross how selfish they are cause there is no other explanation then gaining a following, the only acceptable way of having an Ed account is to keep it private and build a community by following and accepting requests from other ed creators.
They should simply keep it all within their community but since they’re a bunch of 16 year olds craving attention they can’t do that.