Anyone else as addicted to this show as I am? I'm so in love with it.
OK so my friend told me about this show and said I had to watch it. I got hooked after the first episode. I practically watched the whole first season in 2 days ( had work and other obligations). I can't wait for season 2:)
I freaking LOVE revenge!!!! Can't wait for season 2.
And by the way, Ashley Madekwe ( Ashley) is one of my favourite fashion blogger. If you want to have look ( ring my bell on blogger) ;)
@asuka, Ashley is the prettiest character, in my opinion! Horrid personality, but so fun to look at!
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Yeah totally! I though she was stunning and had an incredible style on the show, that why I made some research on her and found out she was a fashion blogger. She choose almost all of the outfits she wear in the show herself. :luv:
Her caracter is such a Baddie lool, but I love it haha
It has just started on the UK, being shown on E4. When all of my school commitments have finished I am going to catch up with it, it looks really good and the male characters are pretty nice lookin'.
Just got it here in the UK, loved the first episode. Now that I have time, looking forward to all the TV catchup :).
I just started watching this serie, I think it's pretty good!! I wanted to know if any of you watch it too :)

Also! Did you know that Gabriel Mann (Nolan) is actually a former fashion model? And Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorn) was a ballet dancer!
Love it! But I think I'm behind (UK time). I love Nolan!

Me too! Also, did you know Gabriel Mann is 40? 40!!! :wtf: Those are some good genes.

So much love for this show ... Although so far the first season was much better than the second. Emily gets to wear some really gorgeous dresses, too. I think she's stunning, and Ashley as well.
Me too! Also, did you know Gabriel Mann is 40? 40!!! :wtf: Those are some good genes.

The first time I heard that he was 40 I just couldnt believe it and had to check it for myself...

And @classichic I've just started watching it! I'm in the first season, episode 13 to be precisely :)
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Season 2 episode 14; sacrifice

I can't believe it.
Yeah, waiting for that to happen ... is it bad that I was more upset last season, when *spoiler* Sammy died?