Requiem of a Dream



Has any one watched this? I just finished watching it and i dont know what to think about it. Its so sad. I dunno thats all I can say?? Would love to hear someone elses opinions
I love this movie. Yeah I felt the same way, its so intense. The music is amaaaaazing
oh my god. I was in shock after I finished this movie. I walked around disturbed for days :wtf: It's so well made.. and the delivery of the storyline is unique and successfully executed. I think it takes a certain taste to appreciate it, but it is one work of art.
I haven't seen it, and I don't know if I want to as I heard it is quite disturbing. I love the music though.
I love this movie - it's one of my favorites. The ending is quite sad though. But the music and acting are amazing: Jared Leto :luv:, and it really is worth watching
Its called requiem for a dream not of a dream. It's a very beautiful/sad movie something that is worth watching. I feel weird calling it a classic but to me it is a classic something past and present and future generations will always appreciate.
Omg I haven't seen this movie since I was like 16! One of my all time favorites! My friends and I would sit around smoking pot all day watching this movie. It is so sad and messed up! It Definitley scared me out of doing hardcore drugs in my teens!
Holy crap, if I smoked pot while watching that movie, I would completely lose my shit!! Heh, it is a great movie. Ellen Burstyn was totes snubbed for the Oscar that year. She rocks so hard.
This is one of my absolute favorites. I love dramatic movies, not to mention the music by Clint Mansell is AMAZING. Yeah, this movie is essentially painting us a picture of the downward spiral of these people. The ending especially is very graphic and disturbing. But it makes you think. And Darren Aronofsky is a great director, he's the one who did Black Swan!

Also, Jennifer Connelly is very pretty and a bit thinspirational in this movie :)
The ending slowly creeps up on you and was definitely not what i expected when i first started watching the film. Now ive had time to reflect and think of the whole film and not just the ending, i did really enjoy it. Drug films are just so interesting! Another favourite is The Basketball Diaries, with baby leo
My boyfriend made me watch this when we started dating (I was 16) with him and I have to say it had me in a weird mood for days. The message was intense and it was definitely incredible to watch but I personally handle movies like that.
And I'm 100% sure this why I have never done drugs, subliminally the last 10 minutes of the movie just played in my head every time.
I first watched this movie in high school and I didn't know what to think after I watched it. I haven't watched it again since. I just remembered being in a weird mood for a couple of days after watching it.
I don't watch that much movies, but this one is one of my favorite. The music, the colors, the feelings... everything is awesome. I really like the part where Sarah Goldfarb makes this very emotive monologue when talking to her son.
I haven't seen it yet, but it looks interesting so it's definitely on my to-watch list