reccommend good heels for clubbing?

Feb 13, 2012
anybody got a pair of heels to recommend for clubbin? i want to get a really good qulity pair that look good and that i can keep on for hours and hours will minimal pain. i dont mind payin a few hundred for a decent pair (but not too much because i have a pair that were $700 and ive decided there a bit too precious for clubbing). any reccommendations?
Wedge heels or platforms are your best bet for long term wear.
Look for a wedge (a GOOD wedge - bad wedges are an atrocity) or a block heel with a platform. Wear them around the house (at the very least!) and break them in before you wear them out and about - if they're leather, stuffing them with wet newspaper and leaving them overnight can help speed up the stretching/moulding/breaking-in process :) spray protection on suede!!! ;)