R.I.P Paul Walker


May 6, 2012
Geneva, Switzerland
Okay So It might not be really relevent to the forum but I just heard the news of his tragic death in a car crash :cry: and as old time fan i just wanted to make a little tribute here.


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Very sad news.

I remember watching Fast and Furious as a teen, I don't remember much of the story (as if there was any) but those dreamy eyes...
It is very sad. I remember first seeing him in Pleasantville and She's All That as well as the Fast and the Furious franchise. I had a bit of a crush on him back when I was in high school, my thoughts are with his family.
So sad. And hearing how he was coming from a charity event for Haiti...I don't know, it just seems more tragic. From all accounts, he was a great actor who never let his head get in the clouds. The world just became a lot less of a beautiful place! (literally and figuratively) :cry: :cry:
Sometimes, I feel like the best of us leave this place earlier and it's for the best for them. I mean, he accomplished what he came for on earth and was called back, he's now in peace. I like to think of death as a change, a new beginning, not a tragic, mournful event (a bit like in avatar :p), though I am absolutely not insinuating it's not devastating for his friends and family. I just hope they're going to be able to get through it thinking that he's in a better place now.