Prom Dresses!

That is so pretty! I like feminine little party dresses like that one, very tasteful and cute. It's trendy, but you won't look back on it in 20 years and vom! How are you going to do your hair? I hope you don't mind me living vicariously through you haha :)

I despise big, poufy gowns. It looks ridiculous. Anything with glitter, that nasty shiny fabric (like this, just so tacky.

Not to be too melodramatic, but I actually felt terrible at my prom. I ordered my dress online from ModCloth, and when it arrived it was SO short and way too big everywhere else. The colour was horrid, too :( And then the hairdresser put my hair in these teeny-tiny barrel curls with way too much hairspray. So instead of the messy bohemian waves I was going for, I looked like Shirley Temple. Ugh :disgusted:
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I think I'm not gonna muss with my hair much (I want the dress to take notice!)
Maybe curl it a bit (mine is awfully straigt :cry:) so it bounces when I walk :grin:, I love when that happens
And I totally agree! Big gowns are for the 1700's during the French Revolution!
Gorgeous dress! I didn't find my dress until a few weeks before my own prom. It was in the display window of a Dallas resale shop and I couldn't believe the price I got it at, new with tags and all! This is the picture of it from Nieman's...


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