Pride and Prejudice (2006)



Who else adores this classic? :luv:



^ from my favourite scene
Love it :)
I'm in love with the face of Rosamund Pike (but Keira Knightley not at all), the nature with the shiny white colours of the dresses :)
He's okay, but she's pretty :)


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I love this movie :) Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike are both so gorgeous. :bow: and I love the costumes too.
yeah, kiera was beautiful AND skinny in that movie, since then she has def gained. damn....i was i lived during those times, sure women has less opportunities but at least they were treated with more respect (the ones with some money anyway).
I love this book/movie/the Colin Firth version everything
I also fell in love with the guy who played Mr. Darcy in the movie, which is why I liked it (even though I loathe Keira Knightley)
I love how accurate the costumes were, compared to the 1995 Colin Firth version. The Bennetts weren't rich, so they had to make do with dowdier, outdated hand-me-down dresses that looked more 1790 than 1800s (lower waistline, dull cotton dresses compared to Miss Bingley's fashionable empire waistline satin gowns). Their house was messy and a little dirty, which is realistic since 5 teenage girls live in there and they only had 1 or 2 maids, and they did a lot of work around the house.

The 1995 BBC one had them living a little too swankily for a family that's a little above poverty (genteel poverty) and the sisters all had dresses a little too pretty than what they could afford. I just thought that Mr Collins was better in the 1995 one, all bumbling and clueless and too apologetic. The 2006 one was far too serious and creepy.
I'm with anyone who likes the original older film. Can't hate on Colin Firth :)
And it's much more detailed and less rushed. I just wish the girls were skinnier.
I LOVE the older version of Pride and Prejudice. I don't know why, but it's my favourite.

Although I have grown to adore Keria's version.

I just love Jane Austin. :cool: