Polina Oganicheva


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May 24, 2012
Next up on my list of new face babes is Gucci favourite and owner of the most divine cheekbones, with Supreme NY, Polina Oganicheva. She dyed her hair bright red to take the role of Christiane F for Gucci last season, and has just appeared in the most recent show as a peroxide blonde.

  • Height 5' 8''
  • Bust 30''
  • Waist 23''
  • Hips 34''









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I love her. Even more when redhead. In my opinion she fits very well the whole Gucci aesthetic/trend and her cheekbones are just :luv:
How old is she?
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I love her. Even more when redhead. In my opinion she fits very well the whole Gucci aesthetic/trend and her cheekbones are just :luv:
How old is she?

I absolutely adored the red too - especially the vivid shade it was in the Gucci campaign, however, I am looking forward to seeing her blonde hair in print. I think she's 20.

Also, Vogue quoted her, last year, as being only 5'6" so I have a feeling her agency measurements are exaggerated a little.
And OMG I was in Milan today and I probably saw her in the metro!!! I wasn't sure at first but then I showed her instagram to my mum and she also said she was the same girl. we're both crazy or this is an amazing coincidence.
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She has a really interesting face, like it. I feel like staring at those pics you posted of her.
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Complete cheekbone envy



Adorable :p and agree about the great fit with Gucci
Those cheekbones are holy. :bow:
And i adore her nose haha, I love cute little straight noses, and hers is what i consider the perfect nose in profile.
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Her facial structure and features are beautiful! Her cheekbones make her look gaunt and just a bit alien-like, but somehow it all works and her glow makes her look healthy.
She has a lovely face and body but usually the short girls at least get 5'9 so she must be real short. She has great proportions though so it doesn't show.
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Wow....she must be REALLY short! The other model is in flats and she has on heels and is still several inches shorter!
From Vogue last year:
At just 5 feet 6 inches, Oganicheva doesn’t fit the statuesque model stereotype, but her dramatic features make her perfect for editorials and on the runway. With cheekbones that could cut glass and a powerful stare, Oganicheva seems destined to become a photographer favorite.
And from MDC
What is the strongest feature of your appearance?
I think it is my height. Because of it, it is hard not to notice me during casting

At Giamba
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I think her work for Gucci fits the brand. Cutting-edge retro throwback, hyper feminine and hyper sexual.
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