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Discussion in 'Clothes' started by floatingthistle, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. floatingthistle

    Feb 13, 2012
    anybody else a pear shape? what clothes do you wear/avoid? i have trouble deciding what to wear to compliment my figure...
  2. kic

    kic Guest

    I have a 32 bust and 27 waist and 38 hip- so yeah I'm very pear shaped!
    I try to wear things that show that my waist and top half are smaller, because if i wear tight pants and flowy tops it makes people assume that my top half is large like my bottom half :nervous: I have a flat stomach all the way down (except for the occasional period bloat t :() but when I don't it makes things tough- I'll usually wear a sweater or slightly more forgiving shirt those days.

    That's about all I've figured out, it's a pretty difficult shape to dress. The upside is that when I wear dresses that are form fitting at the top and loose on the bottom (starting at the hip or just above) I look AMAZING! At 5ft8in and 155lbs a male friend of mine actually pulled me aside to tell me he was worried about how thin I was :lol:
  3. AK91

    AK91 Guest

    Wear stuff that highlights your upper body
    You can wear skirts than begin around the smallest part of your waist and flow down to lower thigh/knee - will be very flattering. With fitted uppers
    Wear pants that start higher up and are straight fit & wide legged & they make you look longer - if you want to add height
    Dresses like @kic mentioned
    Umm thats all I can think of right now!
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  4. Ello

    Ello Rookie

    Feb 17, 2012
    I have a pear shape as well and I love skirts that start at my tinniest part (waist, just a bit over my belly button) and go to my knees. they really make me looks smaller.

    Also swoop necks tops help bring more attention to my small top have, and show off my collar bones, which makes me look skinny overall even though I have a larger bottom half.
  5. Samira

    Samira Guest

    I'm not a pear at the hips, but I definitely have bigger legs than a top half. My advice is to always wear shoes with a slight heel to balance out your legs, NO capris or pencil skirts, and emphasise your waist :)
  6. kic

    kic Guest

    Anybody have pants suggestions? I look better in dresses/skirts, but prefer pants because they are more practical, but I think I look terrible in all the ones I have- what cuts should we bottom-heavy ladies wear?
  7. AK91

    AK91 Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Wide leg, boot-leg etc.
    Anything that starts an inch higher than low waist and doesn't hug your bottom - if it does, balance with wide lower leg
    I mentioned that in my previous post as well.
  8. kic

    kic Guest

    Thanks. I saw your previous post, but I guess I was hoping for someone to tell me it's ok to wear skinny jeans--but alas, I know it's not going to happen. A girl can dream, right?
  9. AK91

    AK91 Guest

    @kic, aww It's okay, you can wear skinny jeans - wear them in the darkest wash you can find and wear them with a loose-ish top that hits the widest part of your hip. If it's with sleeves, then even better. Plus, I'm sure you're not a large pear & the 'stay away from skinny jeans' is best advised to the bigger pears.
    They'll make you look nice and curvy - not the curvy with rolls kind ;)
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  10. ali

    ali Guest

    Embrace it! Even when I am at my skinniest, I am still incredibly pear shaped, so I've learned to embrace instead of hide!

    For years I did the high waisted skirt thing, but recently I've really learned to see my hips as being a sex symbol instead of wanting to hide them.

    You're going to need a few pairs of good jeans. Really tight ones that suck everything in and keep your bum nice and high. Don't get ones that are faded in the middle or have pockets on the sides - you want to flaunt what you have, not exaggerate it too mcuh. I have jeans like this in red, black and dark blue so I can really mix and match with anything. They're all skinny jeans. Always try to wear heels - they make your legs look longer and will keep your thighs / butt flexed.

    Then, for a top, wear something that shows off your best parts. If you have a flat stomach, wear something that is really tight around your waist. If you have great boobs, wear a low cut top and a necklace that coincidentally dangles down your cleavage.

    Trust me, guys think hips are sexy. If I wear what I just described, my boyfriend can't keep his hands off me. However, if I go for a high waisted skirt (to hide the lady hips) or try to 'balance' out my figure with wide leg jeans / a flowy top, my boyfriend complains!! I know it's not all about what the boyfriend thinks, but he is a good reminder that we should think of hips as sexy and not something to hide :)
  11. 123pullout

    123pullout Guest

    I find low rise jeans don't look flattering at all, I stick to high waist jeans and skirts etc :)
  12. SkinnyWannabe

    SkinnyWannabe Rookie

    May 4, 2012
    The cure - accentuated shoulders... Although I do have "strong" shoulders, they don't match up my hips... So I go for puffed sleeves etc... And a belt, to show-off the waist...
  13. Tinuviel

    Tinuviel Rookie

    Jan 24, 2012
    I'm pear-shaped too, but don't really like the whole accentuated shoulders thing. I mean, I love puffed sleeves or any kind of sleeve details, but shoulder pads just look horrible on me, the only thing they accentuate is the tininess of my boobs.

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