paranormal activity



Has anyone seen the new one yet?
If so was it any good?
I liked the first couple but idk about going to see this one. What did you think?
Yeah, two weeks ago :)

The ending was really great :))

During the whole movie, the cinama went crazy ;)

:lol: I just came back from seeing it and yeah, the crowd WAS crazy.

Not sure how well I'll sleep tonight. :cry:

*SPOILER ALERT* Still some loose ends, wonder if they'll make a fifth movie.
I hated the 2nd one (or was it the 3rd...?) It didn't scare me at all. The last 15 minutes were ok, but I was about to leave halfway through because I was so bored.
AHHH thank you! It sounds awesome, I cant wait to go see it now.
The 4th is a bit scary but ridiculous though just like the others
I like them. I don't think they are 'scary', I don't really understand the whole concept of a movie being 'scary' except if it makes you jump a couple times (which they plan). I just think it is entertaining but they are milking it for all they can get for it. The 4th movie just looks ridiculous. The first one was good and original, they went downhill from there.
I remember I saw the first one and oooh god I think my imagination is too vivid or I am too sensitive or whatever, but that shit scared the hell out of me. And I watch horrorfilms since I´m a child, I love them and I never skip one. Maybe I had a bad day or whatever, I remember I was a bit sick. But I was horrified and psycho all night watching my boyfriend thinking he´ll might turn into a demon or whatever. I slept maybe 2 hours that night and I swear I took no drugs :lol:
I've only seen the first two. They were actually much better than I thought they'd be. I can't wait to watch the rest but I'm kinda wary of watching them because from what I've seen movies normally get worse with each sequel. :(
Did you like that movie? I have a big horror movie fan but I just thought it was boring.

Despite the mention, not so much; thought it intriguing conceptually, but didn't find the 'satire' terribly sophisticated - did clench something of a thrill during the allusion-heavy final act, though. Was expected more fulsome joys as a Whedon fan, really.