Pandora Bracelets




If you don't know, Pandora Bracelets are basically charm bracelets. And I was thinking of asking hubby for one for our anniv. but I would like some opinions first! I just want to see if anyone finds them uncomfortable or if they tend to not wear them if they do have them. Stuff like that!
I just don't want him to waste money on something that I may not be into. It's a cute concept... but is it practical?
Yes from what i heard they are practical and cute...BUT: so many girls i know have them....why not go for something more unique?
I think they're cute, but so overpriced. After I bought my silver jewelry in Cairo I'm never paying the prices in Europe again! :grin:
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I just don't get the hype. My friend works in a Pandora shop and neither does she. They just seem so boring and nondescript. Sheep mentality is probably why they're so famous :/
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I think they're cute.
I asked my bf for a bracelet for christmas, because he's always so helpless what to give me for birthday/anniversay/christmas. And since we're together for almost 5 years new ideas for gifts are hard to come up with. So now he has no problems anymore :)
I know they've been really popular in the past few years... and being 23 maybe it wouldn't be the most trendy piece of jewelery that I could wear lol.. I'm just not sure what to ask my husband for. I would love a bracelet or nice necklace.. I'm just not sure of what to ask for lol

Also, he doesn't trust his judgement so he wants me to give him some ideas... and have ideas, I do not!
I just bought my 21 year old friend one for her 21st, it was 69 € for a silver one and a turtle charm (she loves cute animals) Im giving it to her tmr :)
U can make them what you like, I personally love them
i like them :) especially the double leather ones... :luv:

I don't know if it's just me, but I find the charms a little bit fiddly sometimes, especially if the weather's hot and they're jangling around on my wrist gathering sweat... Also, the screwing parts on the silver bracelet dull quite easily after some time.
I don't know if it's just because of the people I remember wearing them, I find them so blah, but back in middle school all the snobby mean-girls wannabe types wore them, I hated it, they were so mean (theyre all packing it on now!!:twisted:) but it's a shame because they can be kind of cute. They're just ruined for me :cry:
Not about the jewellery, but how doe's any shop call themselves "Pandora"? There's a myth about Pandora and she has the worst luck in the world, but the owners think "screw it, still a pretty name!"? :rolleyes:

Never mind that having a jewellery box may associate with
According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as "Pandora's box" (see below), releasing all the evils of mankind — although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod — leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.[5] She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.[6]
I love charm bracelets, but the classic style ones. I don't really like the style of Pandora, plus I find that everyone has one, and my individualistic streak hates having what everyone else has.
Me and my friends all bought Pandora bracelets when we were 14, but now I almost never wear it anymore. That's a bit of a waste now that I think of it, because I have an entirely filled bracelet XD Some charms have very small details that can kind of hurt if you, for example, let your arm rest on a table. You'll end up with tiny holes all over your wrist :p So keep that in mind- it's not a very comfortable bracelet if you buy certain charms. (like a giraffe or hedgehog.)
I truly do not care for them and think they are ugly. I prefer dainty jewelry. Plus, the only people I know who wear them are 30+ stay-at-home-mothers; no thanks.
I'm not into jewelry at all actually. Even if I wore jewelry, I'd rather not get these Pandora bracelets because charm bracelets seem too give a childish vibe even though I know adults wear them too and plus I'm only 17 so it's kind of weird of me to say that. Plus I don't like wearing stuff that everyone has.
my mum and nanny both have one, and i got one a few years ago for my birthday
they really are lovely bracelets as you can pretty much make them look however you want, special occasion beads/colours/etc
but tbh i think unless its quite filled up with beads it doesn't look that great, which is why i hardly ever wear mine because i dont have that many charms
but overall they are quite nice bracelets