Super Star
Jan 27, 2012
I've noticed dungarees are starting to make a come back. They're in stores everywhere, and in magazines but I haven't actually seen anyone wear them on the streets. Tbh, I don't think I can wear them without people thinking I'm 12 years old. What do you guys think of them? Would you wear them now? Or is this one trend you just want to wave goodbye to?

This is what I mean by overalls (American) or dungarees (British) *I love saying the word dungarees, it makes me laugh, for some reason*



I think these ones look cute on Alexa (I think this was sometime last year).

In the pics posted they look super cute but I am with you not sure I could pull it off!!!!!!!

Going to NYC on Sunday... I let you know if I see any!
I'd wave good bye because I've been there and done that in the 90s...
Exhibit A: TLC..yep they rocked the overall look and I was doing it too. No need to repeat this look.
I think it looks hideous most of the time. I would definitely not dare wear one.
i'd say it relly depends on the figure. I would probably not ever wear a denim dungaree.
Depends on how they're styled, I reckon. KH shows us exactly how not to do it. But I would never wear one. Ever.
for some reason I actually really like them. There's no way in hell I could make a pair look good though! I always think cailin hill looks good in hers

I like the short ones. They are pretty cute. I remember wearing them as a kid and I loved them. But to me overalls always seem to associate with pregnant women =\ I don't think I've ever seen them on a skinny, always on overweight moms.
I love overalls ( i'm a homeschooled country girl lol). they are ubber cute rolled up with oxford shoes
I stand corrected, saw a ton of girls wearing dungarees today, well the short ones only in soho/ piccadilly circus area today. It was strange because I was thinking they aren't all that popular and then I saw like 20 girls today all wearing dungarees (and no they weren't in a group or anything).